Membership Classifications

The Association of Membership has three types of membership: Corporate, Individual and Associate Members.

Corporate membership

Corporate membership shall be open to all Publishers (including local and multinational companies) who for not less than two years prior to application have duly registered with the Registrar-General’s Department for the purposes of carrying on the business of book publishing and have published at least three books.

Individual Membership

Individual membership shall be open to: –

  • Managerial personnel in the book industry meeting the definition of Publisher.
  • Individual Ghanaian publishers of not less than three years professional experience.
  • A professional who has been an Associate member for not less than two years.

Associate Membership

The Associate Membership shall be open to:

  • Students of recognised institutions whose area of specialisation is publishing. Such persons shall be endorsed by a corporate member in good standing or at least two individual members in good standing.
  • Persons with special skills co-opted by Council.
  • Professionals with not less than three years’ experience in the industry.

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